The term “Managed Services” refers to the outsourcing of the design, implementation and operation phases of services required by tenants and users of real estate facilities as well as to the clients of these real estate facilities to professional contractors and services providers while keeping the overall service level definition, management and supervision responsibilities under the full control of TANMIYA.


Typically, our Managed Operational Services Solutions are provided during the operation stages in the REMS program. This is where we provide products and services that serve the users and tenants as well as the client of a facility once the facility becomes operational. Before we commence the operation stage, we study and analyze the needs of the tenants and users so that we can provide them with high quality work environment and improved 23 standards and that in turn should translate into direct benefits for the client of the property.

We achieve this by:

Formally analyzing the needs and requirements using advanced professional tools and methods then we build the required integrated real estate service solutions and the expected service levels for delivery at the earliest stage of the project Coordinating with the related consulting entities for the managed services disciplines to make sure all their required studies and design activities are performed at the most appropriate time and in coordination with other disciplines working on the same project Establishing Tanmiya’s One-Stop-Shop central structure for Managed Services and, with the help of our Branding Club and by applying high integrity procurement methods, outsource the service delivery and technical support operations to the associated service providers and contractors We are prepared to offer a host of operational services to real estate tenants and users as detailed below:

Property Management

Our Property Management services are designed to save the client money as well as valuable time and energy and we make sure that the property-related needs of the tenants and users are well served and satisfied. We realize that today’s tenants are more demanding and sophisticated and, therefore, we make sure that their property-related needs and expectation are well served.

Facility Management

Depending on project use and the type of property, Tanmiya will team up with the “right” local or international Facility Management companies to provide our clients with high quality FM services. Our role is to manage all the services provided by the FM companies to ensure compliance and quality service to the property. Depending on the most appropriate Facility Management selected contractor, the services we offer fall under the following areas:

Technical FM – covering HVAC, elevators, conveyor systems, water and sewage treatment, electrical engineering, structural engineering, etc.

Infrastructural FM – covering housekeeping and janitorial services, gardening and landscaping, space management, renovation, etc.

Process Management – covering energy management, supply and disposal of utilities and material for production process, operation and maintenance of process-support machines and units, Process-measuring-and control technology, etc.

Smart Services

Tanmiya provides a whole range of Smart Services that can be deployed in real estate projects of any size or complexity. We realize that this is an emerging field requiring the most professional systems integrators be subcontracted and we know how to manage them to meet the sophisticated requirements of the tenants and users. Furthermore, we will utilize our strong and proven experience in this area to engage the best data and voice services providers for the facility. Our offering consists of the following services:

  • Digital Data Communication and Processing
  • Wire & Wireless Communication
  • High Speed and Secured Internet Access
  • IP Telephony
  • Building Automation & Management Systems
  • Value-Added applications such as e-commerce and e-government services