THE Real Estate Managed Services (REMS) Program

The most ideal situation for the REMS program is to start when the client’s project is in its earliest stages of development. Our REMS program was designed specifically to coincide with the start of the real estate development cycle but it can also work with projects at different stages of development.

No matter at what point we enter into a project to deliver Managed Services to a real estate project, we go through an exhaustive process of analysis, design development, and finally the delivery and operation of the services. We have designed a generic work program that defines the phases, stages, and tasks that we undertake to arrive at the best and most cost effective solutions. The program is made up of four distinct phases each with its own set of stages and tasks as described below:

Managed Services Analysis Stage

Project Orientation

This is where we meet with the client and/or his representative and review the existing project’s master plan and architectural drawings and physically inspect the project site. Depending on our entry point into the project, we identify the scope of Managed Services we can offer. The earlier we are in the project the better. However, we are flexible and can gear up to a project that has already started using our “fast-track mode”. Regardless of the entry point, we familiarize ourselves with all the necessary project conditions to help us add value to the project.

Project Planning

The project planning phase is where we develop the project plan, assign manpower, and establish order of priority including the development of the work approach, tools and procedures. We also develop the audit framework and performance measures and make sure our project team understands all aspects of the project. A refined detailed work plan is then presented to the client for his approval.

Establishment of the Coordination Structure

Since real estate projects involve multiple disciplines all working together, our REMS project team will develop the proper mechanisms to coordinate our activities with those of the AED firm, the Construction Management (CM) entity and the client’s program management entity, etc. Furthermore, to reach a reasonable project execution environment we set up jointly, with the rest of those entities, and under the supervision of the client a coordination mechanism acceptable by all parties.

Managed Services Scope Definition & Analysis

Depending on the types of Managed Services selected by the client, we employ our advanced analytical techniques and tools to develop a detailed understanding of the services and solutions required for the project to achieve the level of excellence and uniqueness that is desired by our clients.

Managed Services Needs & Requirements Analysis

Based on the Managed Services solutions identified in the previous phase we expand our analytical activities to investigate the expected future needs and requirements of the client, tenants and users when the project goes into its operation stage.

Managed Services Work Program Development & Coordination

We understand the importance of the role of the CM in the project and accordingly before proceeding with our own tasks we build a detailed work program to cover our scope of work. Once this work program is approved by the client, we start coordinating with the CM on how best to integrate our work program with the overall work program of the project.

Managed Services Design Development Stage

Services Level Design

Here we start establishing the services level that satisfy the expectations of the client and the tenants and users of the real estate facility. We do that by relying on our experience and by bench marking our designs with the prevailing market conditions.

Services Infrastructure Design Review/Development

In close coordination with the consultancy capabilities of the selected disciplines of Managed Services, we start guiding and supervising them to make sure that they produce the proper design specifications for the infrastructure components needed for the required services. We also coordinate with the CM to make sure that the procurement procedures cover such infrastructure components.

Services Infrastructure Procurement Management

In this stage of the project we become more involved in the coordination efforts with construction and procurement management disciplines of the client’s organization to properly manage the procurement of the necessary systems and assets for the Managed Services Implementation. We also produce the necessary technical and legal documentation to support this process.

Managed Services Financial Plan Development

We continue our coordination with the selected disciplines of Managed Services to obtain the required financial data that will help us produce the proper financial plans to introduce to our client for his review and approval and also to coordinate with his financial entities to demonstrate the benefits of Value Engineering into the overall financial plans of the project.

Managed Services Launch Plan Development

We understand the importance of developing launch plans to help our client prepare for the move into the new facility. Our role here is to make the Managed Services launch plan as seamless as possible.

Total Managed Services Agreement TOR Development

Before concluding this stage we make sure that our client is very clear about the detailed terms and conditions that must be included in the Total Managed Services Agreement to achieve the benefits planned for the project. We see this as an important element even if the operation of the facility is managed by an entity other than TANMIYA.

Managed Services Outsourcing & Implementation Stage

Setting the Total Managed Services Agreement in Motion

Our role here is to demonstrate to the client Tanmiya’s capabilities in establishing and operating a “One-Stop-Shop” environment for all the selected types of Managed Services in the facility. Once we have a signed agreement in place, Tanmiya will start mobilizing its resources to begin deploying the services in the facility once the operation phase starts.

Procurement Management of Managed Services Providers & Contractors by TANMIYA

In this crucial phase Tanmiya will work closely with the client using the most transparent and ethical procedures, and with the aid of the knowledgebase available in our Branding Club we will be able to select and subcontract the best providers of the services according to the type of Managed Services selected for the project.

Project Operation Stage

Soft Execution of Managed Services Launch Plan

Tanmiya gives great deal of attention to the quality of services delivery because we realize it takes time for the operation phase to become stable and reliable. For this reason we start the operation by executing a soft launch of Managed Services. This will enable us to observe and document the early lessons learned at the beginning stages of operation and then incorporate those lessons in future stages of project operation.

Soft Launch Review

Here we direct the capabilities and experience of our Collaborative Management Center staff to work closely with our client to resolve any issues which were identified during the soft launch review to guarantee success in the future operation stage.

Commencement of Project Operation

Once all of the previous steps have concluded successfully, the project is now ready to be fully operational. This is where the benefits of our Collaborative Management Center come into play. The client’s property will be under our full monitoring service on 24/7 365 days basis by our technical staff at the center. Here is where the client will reap the benefits of our CMC during the project operation phase.


Typically, our Managed Operational Services Solutions are provided during the operation stages in the REMS program. This is where we provide products and services that serve the users and tenants as well as the client of a facility once the facility becomes operational. Before we commence the operation stage, we study and analyze the needs of the tenants and users so that we can provide them with high quality work environment and improved standards and that in turn should translate into direct benefits for the client of the property. We achieve this by:

Formally analyzing the needs and requirements using advanced professional tools and methods then we build the required integrated real estate service solutions and the expected service levels for delivery at the earliest stage of the project

Coordinating with the related consulting entities for the managed services disciplines to make sure all their required studies and design activities are performed at the most appropriate time and in coordination with other disciplines working on the same project

Establishing Tanmiya’s One-Stop-Shop central structure for Managed Services and, with the help of our Branding Club and by applying high integrity procurement methods, outsource the service delivery and technical support operations to the associated service providers and contractors