Competitive Edge

Our competitive edge manifests itself in the following areas:

Training Center of Excellence

As was clearly stipulated in our mandate, Tanmiya is currently putting into place a Training Center of Excellence that offers a special curriculum for training a select group of PAAET graduates as well as for local professionals in need of refresher courses in the operational side of Managed Services and specific to the various disciplines of Facilities Management. The Training Center of Excellence has already received the endorsement of PAAET who is the official government agency responsible for the accreditation of training institutes in the Kuwait.

The purpose of the Center is to develop and deliver comprehensive training curriculums which cover the technical services included in the areas of specializations that Tanmiya will be targeting. Our vision is that one day our training curriculum receives international accreditation and certification.

The design of the Facilities Management and Smart Building Managed Services training curriculums calls for a set of courses that is modular, customizable, and geared toward defined categories of students. Moreover, the curriculum will be designed to be a participant-centered training program at the core of the whole training is the participants’ needs. Our aim is to develop the capacity of the trainees by focusing primarily on improving the participants’ education, knowledge, and skills.

We will also make sure that the overall business objectives of Tanmiya are used to guide the training curriculum. Even though this training center will have educational settings where definite subjects are taught, there will be an integration of subjects taught in the classroom with hands-on training on various topics directly related to trainees responsibilities and tasks. Ultimately, our goal for the center and its training program are threefold:

  • As an educational college-level course leading to a technical degree and/or an internationally recognized certificate.
  • Help our trainees, the PAAET students; get jobs in their fields of specialization after graduation.
  • Provide job-specific courses for local professionals who are already in a job but need refresher courses in the various disciplines of Facilities Management and Managed Services.

Our Training Institute curriculum will be designed to cater to new students seeking to develop careers in Facilities Management and its Managed Services as well as for professionals who like to update their skills in the same fields. In either case, our technical staff and curriculum developers will guide our students step-by-step through the entire curriculum development process to create the right training programs. We can also create programs to be customized interactive training programs. Our expertise is in adapting conceptual ideas and course objectives into the finest quality instructor-guides, student-guides, and courseware media in the industry.

Our Institute’s main objective is to develop courses that promote maximum participant interaction in a cooperative environment for learning, and strive to achieve all goals of our students training mission.

Strategic Partnership

Through our strategic partnership with PAAET, Tanmiya was able to achieve an exclusive access to the human resources available within PAAET and the educational sector of Kuwait that will enable us to recruit and develop the best and most talented students in PAAET’s institutes and colleges. Those Kuwaiti human resources will work hand in hand with the best available non-Kuwaiti resources from the local and international markets to bring the highest level of professionalism to our projects during the implementation and delivery of products and services.

The mere fact that Tanmiya has earned the trust of one of Kuwait’s main educational institutions has given us the impetus to seek other key Kuwaiti governmental institutions and provide them with products and services specifically geared to help them achieve self sufficiency in the advanced field of Facilities Management and Smart Building Technologies and Services.