Our Mandate

Tanmiya’s mandate is threefold:

To serve the immediate needs of PAAET’S and the Education Sector in existing and new campuses in the area of total facility engineering and management

To develop special training curriculums for PAAET’s students in the technical aspects of Facilities Engineering and Managed Services

To become a profit-driven company by offering its Managed Services and Facilities Management know-how to the public sector in Kuwait.

With that in mind Tanmiya has designed its business model to be efficient and highly adaptive to existing market conditions. The model allows Tanmiya to be very effective in the way it goes about conducting its outside business and in the way it provides its services and special products that starts by addressing the needs of tenants and users as well as clients of real estate facilities in Kuwait. In fact the business model of Tanmiya was specifically designed to cater to the operational side as well as the developmental side of the real estate market. The most distinguished element in this business model is in the approach followed in applying the concept of Managed Services as it relates to Total Facilities Engineering and Management. How this concept differs from the traditional approach for real estate development is in the way it’s used to identify potential tenants and clients and their business needs. But it even goes beyond that in the way potential clients’ operational needs are studied and analyzed before designing the service solutions that can respond to those needs and how we reflect that in the master plan and architectural solutions so that they are efficiently designed and integrated with other services without any obstacles or constraints.

Tanmiya’s ultimate goal is to satisfy the tenants and users’ operational needs by creating the most logical blueprint for the “one-stop-shop” management structure for these multiple service solutions and when Tanmiya is engaged in the early development stages of a project, it makes sure that the architectural design and construction processes are guided and managed in a way that brings out the best value in the project.

Tanmiya’s comprehensive Managed Services program development cycle is a complete offering from project inception to project operation. Furthermore, Tanmiya has developed automated tools to create a detailed work program to suit the client’s needs. The automation tools give the work program the needed flexibility in case it needs to be tailored to fit a specific situation or special requirements of the client.