Tanmiya’s aim is to provide the best possible experience for its clients’ real estate needs. Our role in managed services is not to provide any of the physical services ourselves but only to manage the service providers in the most cost efficient and practical way.

Moreover, we make sure our strength compliments the client’s strength and know-how and be proactively involved in the project. We listen to our clients attentively and we make sure our working relationship is guided by their interests and needs. Whether it is managing properties, providing consultative management services or offering expert advice on various aspects of real estate development, Tanmiya is well equipped to handle that.

We want our clients to feel that their real estate business expectations are properly aligned with Tanmiya’s own and we can deliver to these expectations.


We provide following products and services primarily addressing the needs of tenants and users as well as owners and developers of real estate facilities here locally in Kuwait and in the surrounding region.